Voice Card  -  Volume 10  -  Roger Card Number 4  -  Thu, Nov 2, 1989 9:18 AM


How is the book, paper or whatever coming that will explain all of the special keystroke features in Archipelago?

Your discussion on speed reading caused me to remember that there was such a thing but I don't remember how to do it.

I usually start and read entirely through the entire voices and then come back and start to think about the individual things, seldom answering a voice the first time. The speed reading that would help me the most would be one that would automatically step from screen to screen with a click of the mouse, automatically going to the next voice if at the end of the current one or displaying the next portion of unread text without my having to relocate where the line that I had just finished reading was located so that I could continue reading. That way I could just tip back my chair and just click the mouse (without moving it) through the entire set of voices.

Is that the way speedreading works already?