Advanced features

Voice Card  -  Volume 10  -  John Card Number 15  -  Fri, Nov 10, 1989 2:38 AM

This is a response to Vol 10 Roger 4 ("Speedreading?")...

I frankly haven't found the time to create a revised user manual for voice cards, and I don't think I'll bother until Archipelago 2.0 comes out. But I have been documenting as I go in each Suggestion Box Card (always my first card).

For your added convenience I will provide an index to all this documentation RIGHT HERE. But first let me remind you about the Help Screen. Just type ? to see a brief outline of advanced features; often that will be enough to jog your memory (TRY IT NOW!) I would also remind you that the original voice card help manual is contained in volume zero.

Now then, in order to use this index you must first learn to use the FIND command. It's very simple. Following is a list of features and the cards which originally described them. Each card is referenced by the standard card identification tag (this card, for example, would be labeled Vol 10 John 15).

If you want to read about one of these features, just DOUBLE CLICK anywhere on the identification tag or between the two e's in "See". The tag will turn dark. Then type F to activate the FIND feature. The tag you have selected should appear in the FIND dialog box: just hit the OK button and you will be whisked to the appropriate card.

WHEN YOU ARE THROUGH READING, hold down the OPTION key and click on the bent return arrow button in the lower right-hand corner to return to this card. That's all there is to it!

Here's the index: