Dick and Jane

Voice Card  -  Volume 11  -  Suzanne Card Number 12  -  Mon, Dec 4, 1989 8:06 AM

This is ONE OF 3 responses to Vol 10 John 11 ("See Dick Run!")...

In response to John's response to Larry's response to the Friends and Lovers debate, in which John has posed the dilemma Dick finds himself in when Jane tells him that although she doesn't want to have sex with him she'd still like to be friends - Dick can choose not to let Jane define the terms of their relationship. If he chooses to remain friends with her anyway, certainly he can make it clear that he does not want to hear the details of sexual relationships she goes on to have with others. Jane has the right to say what she doesn't want, and so does Dick.

If Dick is willing to settle for whatever he can get with Jane (and not look elsewhere for sex even though he knows Jane isn't going to have any with him), then this is all he is ever going to get. It's not Jane's fault if Dick isn't getting what he wants, it's Dick's.

While it may be hard for Dick to let go of Jane (because he does like her, after all, and they have great talks, and there's always a chance that she'll change her mind - anything can happen, right?), if he doesn't, he won't be looking elsewhere for a more satisfying relationship.