Beans for

Voice Card  -  Volume 11  -  Suzanne Card Number 13  -  Mon, Dec 4, 1989 4:15 PM

This is a response to Vol 10 John 12 ("Personality Test/Adventure")...

Our victim is alone in the aisle of a grocery store, very hungry. Clearly, it's the wrong time to shop. His/her cart is loaded down with chips, donuts, ice cream, but what he/she really wants most is a can of Hormel baked beans. He/she has worked up a ravenous craving, fantasizing throughout the entire day at a truly miserable job about having Hormel baked beans for dinner. The craving has reached major, major proportions.

He/she has his/her hand poised to grasp the very last can of Hormel baked beans on the shelf when a very attractive person of the opposite sex emerges into the aisle. Our victim breaks eye contact with the beans, drops hand. The alluring stranger approaches and puts his/her hand out toward that last can of beans, ready to toss it into his/her cart.

Our victim is distraught at the thought of losing the beans. This is the only store open within a hundred-mile radius, and it will be closing in five minutes. What does he/she do?