Think C

Voice Card  -  Volume 12  -  Roger Card Number 4  -  Sun, Jan 21, 1990 1:18 PM

This is a response to Vol 11 Paul 2 ("Mac Toolbox with C")...


Computer Currents, a local TV program that talks about late developements on computers and software indicated that the Think C program was the sixth most popular program sold for the Mac. This suggests that in about six months we should have three or four more good books.

Here is a problem that I ran into - maybe your book covers this! In going through "Macintosh Programing Primer" they developed programs using almost every part of the toolbox, using Think's Lightspeed C. Not once did I use the "Include quickdraw manager" or any other managers in the include files. The programs worked fine.

None of the instruction books that came with the Lightspeed C 2.0 or 3.0 seem to discuss it. Did the book that you are using require the use of the managers in any of the programs it was laying out? Did it have any discussion of using the various managers in programs?