A Sex Fetish?

Voice Card  -  Volume 13  -  Drury Card Number 11  -  Sun, Mar 11, 1990 7:57 PM

This is a response to Vol 12 John 6 ("A girl's view of sex")...

Throughout the Archipelago Voice Card tree, I find SEX. It is in every branch! John, even with all your poetic words on the subject, I still find it hard to believe it's that important. I thought from all my readings of the great poets, philosophers, writers, that the most important concern was the understanding of man's interactions, from sexual to religious.

Sure, sex is important for the continuation of a species that uses sexual reproduction. But is that basic biological function so overpowering that it is a constant obsession for the individuals? Are all our actions guided by the raging reproductive hormones within us?

I propose that the really important aspect of man, is his interactions. All interactions, from sex to say, death. Sex is just one spot on a continuum of human interactions. We are social creatures capable of many types of interactions of which sex is only one.

You seem to be fascinated with the mature female and male sexual relationship. You are trying to solve some mystery about how the interaction works. There seems to be an attempt to analyze how women view sex and how that is different from the male perspective. I don't believe it is different. There are variations in the individuals but not between the sexes. When the hormones rage, there is just confusion and profound statements of frivolous nothings.

How would you classify your interactions with this group? Is it sex? Partially? The interactions here are very important and should easily rank high on your list given how much time you have spent with it. Is sex still more important?

Could you also elaborate a little more on the definitions of sex and love. I have usually viewed love as a general catagory and sex as a very specific component of that catagory. I understood the mind vs. body discussion somewhat, but you lost me on the love vs. sex.