A Project

Voice Card  -  Volume 13  -  Drury Card Number 12  -  Sun, Mar 11, 1990 9:07 PM


I discussed with you a project I am working on about feather picking birds. I will put it on hold this session as I need to speak at length with my pathologist about how he sees us manipulating the information. It will then be easier to describe to you what I really want to do.

However, I am playing with another project. This is a listing of drugs for use in our exotic animals (a formulary). Some drugs have actually been tested in certain species. Some drug doses are taken from best guesses. I would like to be able to list the drug's generic name, brand names, formulations (tablets, liquid, injectables etc.), mode of action, dosages in the different species (about seven groups) with some indication about how the dose was obtained, contraindications, and references.

I made a hypercard stack with my first attempt. Would you look at it and make suggestions? Eventually I would like to publish this information in a small book form for veterinarians. It is a doable project.


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