My Magazine List

Voice Card  -  Volume 13  -  Drury Card Number 4  -  Thu, Mar 8, 1990 10:10 PM

I noted that in previous voice cards SOME people listed the magazines they subscribed to. I suppose this is one way to "get to know" someone. You are what you read?!? Well, here is my list.
  • House Rabbit Journal
  • The Living Bird Quarterly
  • Consumer Reports
  • Consumer Reports Health Letter
  • Wildlife Rehabilitation Today
  • The Eyas: Publication of the National Wildlife Federation's Institute for Wildlife Reasearch (Wheeee!)
  • The Veterinary Clinics of North America
  • SeaScope: Aquarium Systems
  • Small Animal Practice
  • Journal of the Assoc. of Avian Vets
  • Aquarium Fish Magazine
  • Compendium on Continuing Education for the Practicing Vet
  • DVM Magazine
  • The San Diego Turtle and Tortoise Society
  • Audubon
  • Bird World
  • AFA Watchbird
  • FDA Veterinarian
  • Journal of Vet Internal Medicine
  • Lab Animal
  • Trends Magazine (for Vet Med)
  • Skin Diver
  • Tropical Fish Hobbyist
  • Science News
  • Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association
  • Veterinary Economics
  • Journal of the American Animal Hospital Association
  • AND a very recent subscription

  • MacUser!
Most of the magazines revolve around veterinary medicine, so would be of little interest to anyone but myself. If anyone would like my opinion on other subscriptions I would love to make such a voice card.

If you are wondering how anyone could read so many journals, it is possible and Yes! I keep up with all of them. I read about one to two journals per day and have been doing so for over eight years. Some are very easy reading. (I don't watch much TV and I can only manage one book per month.)