A Music Review?

Voice Card  -  Volume 13  -  Drury Card Number 5  -  Sat, Mar 10, 1990 9:41 PM

At some point in my readings of the voice cards, it was mentioned that we can review other forms of entertainment such as movies, restaurants, music. However, there is no specific place to put these reviews except in the voice cards.

I would like to give my opinions on a recent Compact Disc (CD) purchase for those who enjoy a little music.

The title is Enya Watermark by Enya for Geffen records 1988. It is a pleasing collection of soothing music. She runs slightly melancholic to quiet joy. The impression is of an instrumental recording, as what vocals are there, blend into the instruments. My personal favorite is Orinoco Flow. The words are relative nonsense but the melody is uplifting.

I am unable to classify the music type (not R&R, R&B, Country, or jazz). It is "mood" music like Brian Eno's works.