I have a Story

Voice Card  -  Volume 13  -  Drury Card Number 9  -  Sat, Mar 10, 1990 11:05 PM

I enjoyed reading the situation stories and everyones' responses. They are very enlightening. I have one to contribute also.

Humanics: You are shopping at a store which faces a busy street. After making some wonderful purchases (something you actually needed and it was ON SALE) you cheerfully walk back across the little parking lot to your car.

A sweet but scruffy kitty follows you. She is rubbing your legs as you open the car door. You toss your purchases in the car and look around the area for a neighborhood. All you see is the busy street and a series of store fronts with no nearby homes. She meows and is purring so loudly you can see her vibrating. She is a very friendly kitty with no collar or tags.

You walk back to the store and ask the clerk if he has seen the cat before and if he knows who may own it. "No, never seen it before. Probably a stray". The kitty sticks to you. She meows and dances around your feet as you head back to your car. You have two other cats at home and the last thing you need is to bring home fleas!

What do you do? (Remember the busy street and substitute a human child for the cat if you have allergies.)