Stray Kitten

Voice Card  -  Volume 14  -  Roger Card Number 4  -  Sun, May 13, 1990 3:03 PM

This is ONE OF 3 responses to Vol 13 Drury 9 ("I have a Story")...

This looks like a good example of a question that provokes an emotional response. Mine is this:

I would do my best to ignore the kitten, knowing that I don't want to be responsible for another cat (we have one already). Since I would be feeling sorry (but not sorry enough) I would rationalize that the owner-protector of the kitten would probably show up and find the kitten. (If I knew someone that wanted a kitten, I might pick it up and take it to that person.)

Most of the time I have run into this approximate situation it was along the street and I could rationalize by telling myself that it probably lived around close and would find its way back to home and food.