Hello Card  -  Volume 15  -  Drury Card Number 0  -  Tue, Jul 17, 1990 12:42 AM

I almost forgot this card!

I did go to Mexico and successfully lectured about fish medicine. It was a wonderful trip. The Mexicans were embarrassingly concerned with my comfort and the enjoyment of my visit.

My housemate (name - John) joined me for a three day tour of the area surrounding Mexico City (the home of 20 million people). We saw the most beautiful botanic garden in Tuloca. They have hugh murals all in stained glass on all walls and the ceiling. It defies description.

Next we toured a National Park for the Otomi people (the Spaniards missed them, because they lived in the high mountains). The temple was used as the set in the recent James Bond movie (for some reason I am drawing a blank on the title). Awesome. John and I partook in a traditional meal of mutton, corn tortillas, and slimy cactus parts. The crowning dish of the meal was sheep brains. I won't be trying that again. Once in a lifetime was too much.

We also were treated to a behind the scenes tour of the Mexico City Zoo (their pandas breed, unlike ours). One of our party got roped into doing a polar bear surgery. I got some great pictures, but only another vet would be impressed. Mexico City was very pleasant (too polluted!!) and we enjoyed the bargaining for silver in the markets.

Other projects: I finished a major paper (for me at least) for an Avian convention and I have been spending much too much time on work projects.

My pigeons are laying eggs (two females, so no hatchlings expected) and one cockatiel sounds like he is saying "Yaba Daba Do"! I agree!