I love Tours!

Voice Card  -  Volume 15  -  Drury Card Number 9  -  Mon, Jul 16, 1990 4:45 PM

This is ONE OF 4 responses to Vol 14 John 10 ("Far Away Places")...

My suggestions will go into catagories: fantasy, probable, and actual.


I am on a long, long tour right now. It is my goal to visit every National Park in the United States. There is no time limit on my tour. The inspiration for this comes not from within my imagination. It comes from the National Park service! They produced a passport book of the National Parks in 1986 and each park will stamp your passport just like when you visit another country. I have only 21 of the 330 parks. It will be a long, long tour.


To retrace Marco Polo's journeys or recreate Darwin's Beagle or visit the last member of every animal species that has become extinct in the history of the world or explore man's evolutionary tree of life.


These are extensions from some of my other trips. (1) To dive every tropical marine reef in the world (I have been to most of the Carribean and the reefs of Belize and Australia are on the books) (2) To visit every zoo (larger than the Idaho Falls zoo) in the world (I have been to many US zoos, two Mexican zoos, and one each of Peru and Ecuador) (3) To visit every National/World Wildlife Park of other countries (so far the Galapagos islands, the Otomi Reserve in Mexico, and Machu Picchu in Peru) and (4) To visit every castle in the world (I have four from Austria and one in Mexico!) I don't think I have either enough money or a long enough life to accomplish these tours.

We could, as a group, visit everyone's current home. Seeing how each of us lives would definitely be a trip!