The Pits

Voice Card  -  Volume 19  -  Drury Card Number 31  -  Wed, Mar 13, 1991 9:24 PM

This is ONE OF 2 responses to VC 18 John 16 ("Margaret Lakey")...

Yes, I remember the "double date". It was the first and the most perplexing.

I still can not understand what Dan Scoville ever saw in me. I remember being a rather pudgy, pigeon-toed, metal mouth, NO BODY! (We are talking UGLY, folks, and I have the pictures to prove it). I know I was not interested in males at that time.

Dan embarrassed me. I received all sorts of "love letters" from him (I think I may still have them - I have one unusual fetish and that is, saving all my letters). I couldn't imagine why he was all that infatuated!! I knew it was the "thing" to do at that time in our life, but I was definitely not ready to "date".

I did not enjoy the ride home. I was so flustered, I couldn't even direct his mom (?) to my house. Hell, I was a bus rider. What did I know about getting home!! Argghhh. You male-things were very confusing then!!

Do you remember if I told Dan to get lost? I know if I did, it wasn't because I thought he was creepy or a nerd. I remember he was a rather nice-looking, very talented, intelligent, slightly SHORT, young man (my mother told me).

I also remember Carol Snyder and Betteann Dunster gave me "tips" on the dating game. Those two seemed to have some mysterious insider information about males. I know I was not privy to their many whisperings concerning several males in our class (in particular, Stacy Richie - who was sexually mature from grade school, and James Wallace).

Of course, everything changed at age 16... I must have hit my hormones at that age.

By the way, I don't remember Margaret Lakey being anything but beautiful. She was a little skinny, but heck, John, so are you! She was also a great organ player.