Closet Neat Freak?

Voice Card  -  Volume 22  -  Janine Card Number 5  -  Tue, Oct 29, 1991 8:49 PM

This is ONE OF 2 responses to VC 21 Larry 3 ("Mr. Clean")...

I think I might be a neat freak. Or maybe I just go to the extremes of the scale. This seems to be highly dependent on my emotional state (or the phase of the moon).

In my ideal world at one extreme, housework would be done as follows:

  1. Vacuuming - weekly
  2. Vacuuming obscure areas - weekly
  3. Washing dishes - after each meal (I can't stand dirty dishes!)
  4. Cleaning toilets and sinks - weekly (especially with "splashers" around the house!!!)
  5. Washing clothes - well, I have to admit, I can't even fake an ideal timeframe on this one. I hate doing laundry and I'm lucky enough to have a husband who usually does it. We both think we should do it about once a week so it doesn't pile up, but it inevitably doesn't and the pile grows.
  6. Changing bedsheets - weekly
  7. Washing woodwork - (dusting?) weekly (and, of course, before vacuuming, so all those nasty dust particles get picked right up!)
  8. Washing windows - once a month
  9. Washing the car - weekly or biweekly
  10. Washing towels - weekly (see "washing clothes" excuse)
  11. Washing kitchen floor - weekly
  12. Sweeping kitchen floor - daily
In reality, all of the above gets done when we feel like it, not necessarily when needed (unless I'm on a cleaning binge, which means I attempt to do it all in one day). Wouldn't it be great to have a cleaning person or crew do it all?

My other extreme puts everything in utter disarray. Having lived with roommates, I am fairly well-trained to keep my mess out of the public living spaces and confine it to my bedroom. That way, only one room looks like a bomb exploded in it, and the door is easily closed to prevent unwanted lookie-loos from discovering my dark secret.

Unfortunately, Eliott is a COMPLETE slob (I sincerely think he would score a negative number!), and I tend to give up keeping the place neat altogether.

Aside from the exterior mess, my closets, cabinets and other storage areas are completely organized. My clothes are arranged from sleeveless shirts to long sleeved. My shoes are lined up. Linens are stacked in sets with the pillowcase stack in the same order (a friend of mine saw our linen closet and said with amazement, "This is a very adult closet!").

I like to think this is a reflection of my personality: I may look like a mess on the outside sometimes, but inside, things are in order. I've known people where this worked in the reverse; i.e., their outward appearance was immaculate, but boy, were they confused individuals!