A CATastrophe

Voice Card  -  Volume 22  -  John Card Number 4  -  Mon, Dec 2, 1991 8:32 PM

This is ONE OF 2 responses to VC 22 Janine 8 ("The Cat's Meow")...

Janine turned in her cards before she had a chance to tell you all about a catastrophe that recently beFELL her two cats, Pinky and Bosco.

There were no witnesses, and neither cat is talking, but somehow both cats managed to fall out of a second story window and break their legs. Pinky's break was relatively clean, but Bosco's leg was shattered; both cats required surgery to avoid amputation.

As you can imagine, there were some tense moments at first. Although they had never met, Janine had read some of Drury's voice cards and decided to call her for advice (and a friendly shoulder). Drury, according to Janine, was wonderful! Another small triumph for Archipelago.

Both cats are home from the kitty hospital and are doing fine. I'll let Janine and/or Drury elaborate next time (if they wish).