Voice Card  -  Volume 23  -  Janine Card Number 2  -  Sat, Dec 28, 1991 5:14 PM

This is ONE OF 2 responses to VC 22 John 4 ("A CATastrophe")...

As John mentioned, our poor little kitties fell out our second-story window and each broke their right hind leg. Drury was wonderful, sympathetic and supportive - thank you VERY much! With all their recent sad animal events, Betsy and John kept our spirits up, and Betsy got me back in touch with our friend Judy, a DVM!

We ended up taking Bosco to the Berkeley Dog and Cat Hospital on Dr. Judy's recommendation. For those in the Bay area, this is an AMAZING animal hospital! There are seven specialists on staff, including an obstetrician, radiologist, cancer specialist and neurologist/orthopedic surgeon (Dr. Lisa Alexander, who treated Bosco). A large aviary in the waiting room distracts the cats. AND, they let us go on a payment plan.

Drury, you should have seen the "before and after" X-rays of the little guy's leg. "Before" looked like a piece of shattered china with some very tiny pieces near his knee (when I saw this - when I dropped him off - I couldn't imagine his leg could be saved). "After" looks unbelievable! She put in a pin down the length of the femur, ground up the smaller pieces for use as a graft, added three more pins which extrude from the leg and a metal K.E. (I think this is what it's called) device outside the leg, holding these three pins in place. WHEW!!! She did end up having to shorten his leg a little bit (maybe 1/8 of an inch max), but he doesn't even seem to notice. He is currently walking around with a slight limp, and seems to think there's nothing wrong with him! I can hardly believe it!

Pinky, on the other hand, has had more than her share of problems. She was treated by the wonderful people at the San Francisco SPCA (who also let us go on a payment plan!). When the assistants brought her out for me to pick up they said, "She is the nicest cat!" No cast or bandage was put on her leg, as the vet wanted her to use it so the knee wouldn't get stiff.

As I mentioned on my previous card, Pinky has a coordination problem. The poor thing could not balance on three legs and her falling managed to knock her pin out (she just has one pin down her femur). She had to be operated on again, though the SPCA just charged us for materials. Her leg was bandaged, which made it very difficult for her to get around, much less use her litter pan (a low, old cookie sheet). We ended up buying two airline carriers, medium dog size, to house both cats, their food and water, and a small litter pan each. With her bandage, Pinky kept extending her broken leg straight out behind her, attempt to hop, and ended up flipping head-over-heels onto her back! As pitiful as this was, it was very difficult not to laugh (especially since she wasn't hurting herself further)!

Currently, both cats stay in their crates most of the time (both vets advised this, to avoid further injury). They are healing - Dr. Alexander was "extremely pleased" with Bosco's progress when she removed his sutures. Pinky has had her bandage and second set of sutures removed, and the wound has healed wonderfully. We have to keep her completely confined for another four weeks, then she should be ready to do the slip 'n slide on our wood floors (we're thinking of making booties for her for traction!). Bosco should be healed by the end of March, if he keeps up the good work.

To add insult to injury, both cats had to be treated for earmites, and Bosco just got treated for a tapeworm!! I'm glad we don't have kids - I was upset enough with what happened to our cats, I can't imagine what I'd be like with childhood mishaps!