On Again, off again

Voice Card  -  Volume 22  -  Roger Card Number 2  -  Thu, Dec 19, 1991 6:02 PM

What do you think, are we in a recession, is this the improbable double dip, is it going to be gone by midyear 1992, or is it a severe one that is going to last a few years?

My feeling is that it is a very serious recession that should be called a depression, that except for a few short bounces, it will last at least five years. It is the start of the process that will force the US to get level with most of the rest of the world economically.

And that the medicine that we need is strong, the necessary start of which is a 4 dollar gas tax that will force the US to live within its energy resources, followed by changes in government that will make the legislature responsive to the people's needs not to the needs of the large donator of dollars and some move that will cause the US goods to become the choice of most of the U S consumers.

And the sooner the better!