Random Thoughts

Voice Card  -  Volume 23  -  Drury Card Number 6  -  Fri, Jan 24, 1992 10:05 PM

We (John and I) recently attended a WONDERFUL play. There is a small actors' group starting a new theater here in Sacramento. The building sits on the edge of a landfill and a surprisingly busy railway. They do have plenty of parking!

One of the theater instigators is Timothy Busfield. He has appeared in the movies "Stripes," "Revenge of the Nerds" and "Field of Dreams," but most people know him from the TV show, "Thirtysomething."

That guy can ACT! The theater is very small, so every seat is the best in the house. We were within feet of Mr. Busfield. The play we saw was "Mass Appeal." There is a movie also called "Mass Appeal." In the movie, the tension was between the Father and his congregation. The play emphasized the relationship between the Father and a young Deacon assigned him.

John and I had an enjoyable afternoon. Even the trains could not distract us from that excellent production.