Voice Card  -  Volume 23  -  John Card Number 14  -  Sat, Mar 7, 1992 7:29 PM

This is a response to VC 23 Paul 5 ("My Vote")...

I really can't blame you forgetting how to insert voice card linkages; the method is not very intuitive and I STILL haven't gotten around to putting into the help stack.

So here it is again. You must first travel to the card you wish to refer to. Click on the masthead - you should hear a brief tone and the masthead will flash. Now travel to the voice card you wish to place the reference in and click the insertion marker at an appropriate place in the text field. Hit the TAB key. The reference will be inserted and underlined in gray.

To use and in-text linkage, just hold down on the command () key and click on the reference.

I have been thinking lately that there ought to be a better way of doing this. Maybe I should fix it so that we can convert empty reply boxes into link buttons.

Maybe I should replace the "Reply 9" button with an "Add Link" button. Pushing this would guide you through a linking process, replace itself with a "Link A" button, and convert "Reply 8" to "Add Link" (unless Reply 8 was already filled). You could repeat this process to create Link A, Link B, Link C, etc. and then refer to these buttons in the text of your card.

I could rig it so that option clicking a link button would reveal the destination of the link without actually travelling there. These links would be one-way, but perhaps I could have the linker ask if you wish to automatically insert a reverse-link into the destination card (assuming there's room). In any event, option clicking the bent return arrow would return you from a link (as it already does in many similar instances).

This might be a compromise to the problem of distant links. The method does have a few drawbacks. Any user-added links to past volumes would not be transmitted to the other members. This could be thought of as a way of "personalizing" your own voice card collection. But whenever a member adds a two-way link to a new volume, the published version will only include the one-way link back to the distant issue. Option clicking the bent return arrow will work in all but the most ancient voice volumes, but this is still less than ideal and it departs from our tradition of keeping all voice cards in sync across Archipelago.

Still, it may well be better than the current method. What do you think?