Bastards, et al.

Voice Card  -  Volume 27  -  Holly Card Number 5  -  Tue, Jan 12, 1993 2:56 PM

This is ONE OF 3 responses to VC 26 John 13 ("Do Bastards Prosper?")...


My first question is - After this experience how has your definition of a dream job changed if at all? Are unlimited amounts of Pepsi the main factor?

After reading more cards I see you answered my question. However, I believe you actually described your dream life. A job is when someone pays you for doing what *they* want done not what you want done.

I understand, I have wondered how I could make a living reading, I even answered one of those stupid ads, "Earn money reading books!" It was a gimmick. I know there are ways to do it, editing, writing, librarianship, etc. but I get stuck in ideas and don't follow through.

I think bastards prosper because bastards stroke the system. They do what they have to do to make the system (and everyone in it who they believe counts) feel good about itself even if it stinks.

In my administration classes we learned that an organization follows a growth somewhat like this: first, comes the inspiration, the inspired one makes a Mac in his garage or creates his/her dream on a shoestring by themselves. Then others see the vision and begin to help. Once the project becomes so big that *organization* is required the organization itself takes over. Basically, (my theory now) the vision is eaten by the organization and it becomes a self-sustaining creature whose first priority is self-continuance and this is where the bastards help.

Archipelago is a great idea and it has continued because you have not let it get out of hand (applause, applause). When I bought my computer I really expected Archipelago to have died out but you keep it alive.

Now if you (the man with the vision) turned it over to an "administrator" who perhaps was not even a member the administrator would administer the vision right out of it. "If any member misses the assigned return date that member will be dropped. All suggestions will be submitted to central command in typing, double spaced and will be reviewed by a committee (not members) where they will be considered. All membership requests will be reviewed by the committee before acceptance and acceptance or rejection letters will be mailed out within 30 days. All dues will be paid on time and a $15.00 service charge will be fined for returned checks." The system would become more important than anything else and bastards function well in those circumstances and people with vision and heart and honesty do not support systems very well.

This was a very simplistic picture and we all do have to support systems and we need systems to some degree.

I remember working at Radius and one of the Mac inventors worked there. Worked is a loose term, he never showed up. He was a work in my garage type of guy. Fortunately, because of the Mac his garage is probably pretty nicely equipped now.

Is there hope? Yes, there always has to be. More on this later.