Oops, something's showing

Voice Card  -  Volume 27  -  Holly Card Number 6  -  Fri, Jan 15, 1993 8:43 PM

This is a response to VC 26 Yumi 2 ("So Sad")...

I too went to a fairly well integrated high school although we tended to segregate ourselves. This might have been more of a result of the segregated jr. highs we came from.

I thought I was not prejudiced, however, my kids have shown me that there are degrees. Two of my kids talked about friends at school by name. When I finally met these children I thought, "Why didn't Josh and Marge tell me S and J were black?" I was very disappointed and surprised and ashamed with myself. I'm very glad that my kids did not think race was important in the descriptions of their friends. I confess this to say that I will admit where I am and not try to pretend I'm somewhere else.

One day Josh and I were watching the Golden Girls, the one where a marriage is being planned with two so called strikes against the couple, race and age. Josh said, "What's wrong with blacks and whites getting married?" "Well, Josh, some people think it shouldn't happen." Josh said, "Oh, was this made back in those days." I said yes and stopped talking, I didn't add that the show was not very old. Kids can be very good at consciousness raising.