Hello Card  -  Volume 28  -  Paul Card Number 0  -  Sat, May 22, 1993 6:28 PM

John tells me that this time I get the booby prize for being the last straggler. In keeping with a recent resolution to "sink positive," I'm going to take an issue off from complaining about work and life, and touch on a few highlights of my year.

I've spent pretty much the entire year working in Seattle, and this has been a delight (right, Yumi?). I looked up an old college friend who I hadn't seen or heard from in over ten years. I've gone for Dim Sum in Seattle's Chinatown. The "right" place to do this currently is House of Hong, and they prepare the best chicken feet I've ever had. Yow!

I've been living with my next-older sister and her husband in Kirkland, and this has finally given us the chance to get to know each other. It turns out they aren't such bad people after all, although what they think of me is maybe best left to the imagination.

And my company has me doing what amounts to charity work for an AIDS treatment facility, which needs client-tracking software. Wonderful! I'm going back to Seattle tomorrow to finish up the project; by early June I'll be home in Salt Lake, wondering whether DEC will find me good work, local work, any work - but I promised. More on this next issue, perchance.