Hello Card  -  Volume 28  -  Janine Card Number 0  -  Tue, May 25, 1993 12:49 AM

Last but not least, c'est moi, the final returner of voice cards. I have completely and blatantly disregarded the deadline, disrupted the entire Archipelago cycle, and possibly jeapordized my friendship with one John Cartan.

Life is going pretty well these days. Dad is stable. He and Mom are off to Hawaii for Fathers' Day, as long as he feels good. I'm having my wisdom teeth pulled on Friday (May 28), just in time for my birthday - I'm petrified! Betsy has graciously accepted responsibility for my semi-conscious form after the extractions (I hope I'm a good patient).

Bosco is on my lap this time, resting his chin on my right arm and making it very difficult to type! He's purring away, and intermittently licking and nibbling on my arm.

Hope you all are well! Please forgive me for delaying this issue!!!