Hello Card  -  Volume 29  -  Drury Card Number 0  -  Thu, Sep 9, 1993 8:42 PM

I tried...

I did read all the cards this time. However, I can't seem to get excited about responding. I can't even decently force myself to respond. "They" sucked my brain out. I tortured myself for months and in two easy, hour-by-hour days, "they" reduced me to something Paul described in our "fictional" story cards. I can't believe I even PAID for it! (and no little $60 certification renewal fee either! )

I flapped my poor little wings the best I could, but I am just not one the great eagles in this profession. I am a lowly little worm-snuffling, flightless brown kiwi bird. Did you know, there is not ONE veterinarian in the United States, who has actually examined a live kiwi bird? There are now thirty two of us who can! We have memorized everything there is to know about kiwi birds. We even sat for a killer exam to prove it. The sad and possibly ironic fact is, not one of us will EVER examine a kiwi bird. I guess this is what will really separate the great eagles in this profession from us kiwis.

I have two more shots at this exam. Of course I must wait in agony for over a month before they annouce the ones who will be tortured again.

Excuse me, but I must head to the backyard for more worms. . .