Hello Card  -  Volume 29  -  Paul Card Number 0  -  Mon, Sep 6, 1993 11:13 PM

I spent my Archipelago time this issue trying to get my 100 Solitaire games in...

I have been home most of the summer, for a change, and it's been nice. Right now it looks like I will be spending most of the remainder of the year in New Mexico on business, and that should be nice, too.

Vacation this year was a week with Robert and my Dad at the family vacation property off Vancouver Island, British Columbia. The excitement there was a kayaking mishap where I did my best to drown, but wound up losing my glasses instead; which, for a person with my eyesight, is arguably a much worse fate. It's more expensive, too. Have you priced new glasses recently? Yow!

After recovering from that incident, I went mountain biking with friends last week, and launched myself off a small cliff. Single men, take note: this turns out to be possibly the best pick-up strategy I've ever tried. Sitting in a bar later that evening, visibly bloody and damaged, I actually had strange women (well, you know what I mean) stop by and admire the damage. No one offered to take me home, but I figure that's just a matter of refinement. I'm going out biking again tomorrow night, and we shall see what then!