Voice Card  -  Volume 29  -  Paul Card Number 1  -  Fri, Jul 16, 1993 3:53 PM

Random notes after a few days' play on John's Hypercard Solitaire:

In the full-function Windows version of Solitaire, I am able to pull cards off the "Aces up" pile and put them back into play. This seems not to be possible in your version. Bug?

Do you really claim that all deals are winnable in this game? If so, I claim a serious bug; I just recorded a loss after making a grand total of one play.

I propose a rewrite of the stack to provide a "guaranteed fair" test: distribute an identical 100 pre-shuffled decks to each Archipelagan, and collect statistics to see which of us scores the best.

-- After exactly 100 games, my main regret is that I haven't tried Suzanne's Margarita recipe for Solitaire success. If nothing else, it would makes the losses go by faster...