Hello Card  -  Volume 29  -  Preface Card Number 0  -  Wed, Sep 1, 1993 4:40 PM

Issue 29 marks the five year anniversary of Archipelago; by now you all should have received your comemorative painting, suitable for framing. It's an unassuming little issue, but with several pleasant surprises...

Larry (with considerable assistance from Diane) has somehow managed to double his offspring. This creates the possibility of comparitive study; we'll expect twice as many voice cards from now on. Welcome aboard, Curtis Caine.

Larry, Suzanne, Yumi, and Janine have all moved since our last issue. Summer vacations ranged from Montana (John) to Vancouver (Paul) to Africa (Suzanne). Stuart put in a month at his Virginia artist colony and for this issue offers up an alien prose poem. Drury spent the summer cramming for her bird test, the results of which are coming in this week. Good luck, Drury. And Roger has upgraded to a Centris 660 AV. As a result 60% of Archipelagoans now have color capability, run system 7, and can read high density diskettes.

Solitaire research has made dramatic strides over the summer. Last issue's Mr. Wizard stack gathered over a thousand games. In addition to a flurry of voice cards, this issue's installment of Mr. Wizard offers an upgrade to the Solitaire program with expanded tools for statistical analysis.

I am also delighted to report that our serial wedding adventure / bird woman saga is alive and well. Our next designated writer is... Larry! And I am contributing an interesting musical gift with this issue; if you like it I'll send more songs next time.

The votes are in. We have voted NOT to put Archipelago on a fixed quarterly schedule. From here on out we'll try for 4 or 5 issues a year. Please respond before Thanksgiving so that I can get our 4th issue out in time for the year-end holidays. And thanks again for five remarkable years. Here's to the next five!