Hello Card  -  Volume 30  -  Preface Card Number 0  -  Mon, Nov 29, 1993 4:15 PM

Although issue 30 is short by a few members and late by a few weeks, it is graced by an even better than usual quality of spirit. Most notably it is graced by the illustrated poetry of Stuart. You should find a color postcard in your packet and several more black and white images scattered throughout this issue (a total of six picture cards - a new record).

We also have no less than three superb book reviews. Holly's son Josh has made an appearance and, in gratitude, I am including a gift of four more sound trecker songs. Mr. Wizard, who is making the transformation from a hypercard programmer to a newtonscript programmer, is on an extended sabatical but, starting with issue 31, I plan to introduce a new feature (stay tuned!).

Among the voice cards of interest is a continuing campaign to bare Paul's soul. Larry was unable to contribute this time but promises a sizzling continuation of the birdwoman saga. Holly and Suzanne have both outdone themselves with some truly remarkable cards. And Yumi and Drury are both back in action. ALSO there is a move afoot to get the bay area Archipelagoans together for a real-life bowling tournament. Life imitates art!

Holly, by the way, is moving to Texas, Suzanne is settling in to her new apartment, and Yumi has just moved as well (see member cards for the latest addresses - I don't have Holly's yet).

As discussed in my final voice card, issue 30 is the first year-end issue that could not be launched before Christmas. I hope you will join me in reversing this trend of increasing delays. My goal is to produce four more volumes (31-34) in '94.

Happy New Year everyone!