Hello Card  -  Volume 31  -  Preface Card Number 0  -  Mon, Jan 31, 1994 6:50 AM

Were off to a late start this year but the quality of our cards is holding strong. Special thanks to Suzanne and Holly who turned in excellent cards right on time.

A few notes about this issue:

Holly (and Josh) have moved to San Antonio.

Larry and Yumi tried but ultimately failed to generate any new cards. I hope both of them will decide to stay in the group. I especially hope that Larry can still salvage the now floundering Birdwoman Epic.

There seems to be a consensus forming around a reunion THIS summer on Mount Tamalpais. see VC 31 John 14.

Mr. Wizard is on indefinite sabbatical. In his place you will find a new regular feature. see VC 31 John 6.

I have changed my harvesting program to automatically extend the deadline by a few weeks (the three weeks from first Monday after launch schedule seems increasingly anachronistic). My goal is still to get in four issues this year, but I'm afraid it will be an uphill battle. I hope this more generous deadline will be taken more seriously.

It's subscription time again. Please enclose $20 with your next packet.

We have several gifts this issue (courtesy of Paul) and no less than two book reviews, one from Paul and one from Janine. As a multimedia experiment I have also included Paul's excerpt from his Rosalie Sorrels CD (see his book review for more details). Stuart continues to bless us with his poetry.

Finally, the campaign to bare Paul's soul continues to gather steam: see VC 31 Suzanne 6. Come on, everyone! Join in the fun!