Free Information still

Voice Card  -  Volume 30  -  Roger Card Number 2  -  Fri, Dec 31, 1993 5:01 PM

This is ONE OF 2 responses to VC 29 Janine 3 ("Fighting Fire with Fire")...

A point brought up by Janine: What if there was total information available in Nazi Germany? The few that secretly excaped wouldn't have been able to get out.

If there was a free disemination of information back then they probably wouldn't have elected Hitler. And even if they had, the technique of propaganda wouldn't have worked. People would have known too much and he couldn't have kept power. If he had been able to keep power, the people would have known to get out and they would have been accepted else where.

What if everybody knows how much I make or have, won't I become the target for robbery and extortion? What if everybody knows about my secret guilt feelings, won't I be exposed and exiled? Who will love me if they know how bad I really am?

You notice how the fear grows if strange people know too much about you. On the other hand, if it is a friend of yours that knows, it doesn't seem as bad because you believe that a friend won't use it against you. Think of it in another way. Balance the good against the bad (nothing in this world is all good). Balance the good against the bad.

What if you never had to make out another resume, just send out a letter to employers telling them that you were available. What if you were able to make a deal with someone and feel sure that he/she would come thru honestly and fairly on his/her part. Suppose you saw a crime and could become a witness without fear of retribution. What if nobody committed crimes because they couldn't hide the money? What if violent people were treated while they were still in the process of learning to be a criminal and cured of it? What if you never had to make out another income tax form? What if you knew what you legislator wanted to do and could insure that he was working honestly and would give you and the system a fair deal? With computers able to store vast amounts of information, and a good information trail and reasonable laws you wouldn't have to worry about those gloomy fears.

Then you could look back on the 1900's as the time it was often actually against the law to tell the truth. Then we could laugh about it and feel thankful that we aren't trapped by fear of speaking the truth.