Dating Daze

Voice Card  -  Volume 33  -  Holly Card Number 16  -  Wed, Oct 12, 1994 16:36

This is a response to VC 32 John 15 ("Dating Tips")...

Hormones have been running rampant in our house. The girls are blooming and Josh's voice is all over the octave range.

Josh comes home about twice a week and says, "What does it mean when a girl ...?" There is a girl who hits him in the back of the head every day. She wrinkles here nose at him and has taken to calling him names. Rick told him to enjoy it.

Do any of you have any adolescent stories for Josh?

Josh is a kind soul (except to his sisters) and doesn't like to fight, etc. There is a boy on the street who picks on Josh and Josh does his best to ignore it. Did any of you sensitive Pelagans go through this?