How Custer Felt

Voice Card  -  Volume 4  -  John Card Number 21  -  Thu, Jan 26, 1989 3:25 PM

Nestled among the packages on the main screen this issue you will find another set of Strategic Conquest goodies. I am sending another fresh game file and a scoring sheet for use with my Conquest Mapper stack.

I am also sending a Mapper stack with the results of my attempt in the 12/88 Conquest game. It is not a pretty sight. I was not merely defeated by the computer. I was obliterated, stomped on, muderized, and thoroughly humiliated. Overcome with despair, I retreated into my bunker and pulled the trigger after little more than 100 days. I doubt if I could have survived more than 120 days in all.

If anyone of the Conquest players in the group was able to beat the computer, they will have my undying respect. It was one of the worst starting positions I have ever seen, sort of like trying to assault all of Europe from a tent in Antarctica. To make matters worse, my very first transport was immediately sunk by a very lucky enemy destroyer. At any rate, you can replay the whole shameful incident by double clicking on the Conquest 12/88 stack.