Custer Nicholson

Voice Card  -  Volume 5  -  Paul Card Number 7  -  Mon, Feb 27, 1989 8:17 PM

This is a response to volume 4, John Card Number 21 ("How Custer Felt")...

I, too, tried the 12/88 Pelago Strategic Conquest game. My experience was no better than John's; it is a little frightening when, at move 120, one can walk away during the computer's turn, return 15 minutes later, and _still_ have to wait to make one's two moves. The HyperCard map of my experience is included as a wrapped package, along with another game-and-a-half, also mapped through John's stack.

John: here are two suggestions for improvements to the Strategic Conquest Mapper stack. Allow the viewer to observe changes in forces from one mapping period to the next, as an alternative to absolute numbers. Also, add an optional comment field to each screen.