Upcoming Print Feature

Voice Card  -  Volume 4  -  John Card Number 31  -  Sun, Feb 5, 1989 5:54 PM

In the month of February, I will be creating a nifty print feature for the voice card volumes. I just thought I'd tell you what I had in mind so that you could comment and perhaps make additional suggestions.

The command would be triggered by typing P (or by selecting Print Card from the File menu). A dialog box would then ask if you wanted to print the current card, the entire volume, or the current tree, that is, all cards linked to the current card however distant. Thus you could move to any card in the crab saga and get a printout of every crab card.

Question: should I also provide a means of printing the current BRANCH, that is, all cards linking back to the original root card, but not cards in other branches. (This would be like printing just one story line of the crab saga.) Also, would it be useful to print all cards belonging to the currently displayed member?

After choosing what is to be printed, another dialog box will ask where you want it printed to. You could send the text to the clipboard (so that it could be easily pasted somewhere else), to a text file, directly to your printer, or perhaps even to a HyperEssay stack. Can anyone think of other options?

It would also be possible to choose margins for printing, but I assume there is no need to choose anything other than standard full page margins. Right?

The routine will be able to print using the new voice card font. There may be some limitations on how much text can be sent to a single file.

What do you think?