To Do List

Voice Card  -  Volume 4  -  John Card Number 32  -  Sun, Feb 5, 1989 6:09 PM

My programming projects are starting to stack up, so I thought I'd think aloud about my To Do List. Perhaps you can help me prioritize.
  • Create Travelogue Stack (See Vol 4 John 19). It should have maps and all sorts of various categories.
  • Create a stack or stacks to hold non-book reviews: software reviews, music reviews, etc. (again, See Vol 4 John 19)
  • Redesign Member List stack, perhaps with all-in-one cards that provide special information in pop up fields, and include pictures (if the rest of you ever send me a photograph), and maybe even thinking style quiz scores and other tid bits.
  • Create Holly's voice card time tracking stack (See Vol 2 John 25).
  • Create a personal notebook stack (See Vol 4 John 15).
  • Completely revamp and evolve the island quiz stack. This project is still pretty nebulous. (See Vol 3 John 13).
  • Develop some kind of group wide game, whether it be Interactive fiction, Nomic, our own version of Strategic Conquest, Robot Wars, or whatever.
  • A much improved and updated Archipelago Help Manual (I won't worry about this until things stabalize).
  • An improved and illustrated HyperPoetry stack.
  • Paul has suggested some kind of catalog of past intro cards.
  • An endless series of Mr. Wizard stacks.
  • And last but not least, our special HyperCard Tutorial project.
I am starting to get an idea of how the tutorial might work. It would appear as a Mr. Wizard installment and would be a kind of build it yourself kit. I would provide all the necessary backgrounds, fields, and buttons, along with a list of instructions, and it would be up to you to drag all the pieces into place.

Possible ideas for the tutorial stack include:

  • Genealogy stack
  • Grading Stack
  • Diabetes Stack (See Vol 4 Tomás 3)
  • Music Stack
  • Animation Stack
  • None of the Above
I'll wait a little longer before calling for a vote on this issue. At the moment I am leaning slightly in favor of the Diabetes Stack, if we can nail down just what it is supposed to do. Whatever we choose, it needs to be fairly simple.

Quite a list, eh? The sooner I teach you guys HyperTalk the better!