Logic Test

Voice Card  -  Volume 5  -  Cliff Card Number 2  -  Wed, Mar 1, 1989 11:22 PM

This is the psychological test I promised in my first book review. I wonder how our group will fare. Answers next time...

Problem 1: We are told to determine the truth or falsity of the following rule: If there is a vowel on one side of a card, then there is an even number on the other side. We are now presented with four cards to use in making this determination. We can only see one side of the four cards. They show, respectively, "A", "B", "2", and "3". The question is which of the four cards we need to turn over to see if the above rule holds of these four cards.

Problem 2: Imagine that in a room there are some archaeologists, biologists, and chess players, and that we are told the following claims are true:

  • None of the archeaologists is a biologist.
  • All the biologists are chess players.
The question is what further piece of information follows from these two claims. It is possible that no conclusion follows validly from these claims.