Group Game

Voice Card  -  Volume 5  -  Paul Card Number 8  -  Mon, Feb 27, 1989 8:27 PM

This is a response to volume 4, John Card Number 32 ("To Do List")...

Practically since the first game of Strategic Conquest that John and I played, we have been redesigning the program in our mind; fixing obvious miscues on the part of the author, and adding new features. What follows is a partial list of desirable extensions to Strategic Conquest Plus.

Add new kinds of playing pieces. Possible examples: reconaissance planes, reusable bombers (this could be dangerous), defense batteries for coastal cities, minefields, antiaircraft guns.

Allow the marking of specified enemy locations when pieces are discovered. Each move display the circle of possible movement for the piece so that one knows where to search to find it again. This would apply mostly to ships.

Provide a boatload of reporting options. SC+ currently offers a city production report; to this add destruction reports (what pieces were recently destroyed, as by enemy attacks; what enemy pieces are known to have been recently destroyed), availability reports (what pieces are currently available). Ideally offer this and perhaps other reports on a geographical basis. For example, list armies available on a particular continent, find fighters within 30 squares of an arbitrary target, damage reports. Allow the user to specify timeframe for any of the above reports.

Allow many more options at startup. Examples: land / sea ratio, city density, coast city / interior city ratio, proximity of initial enemy city, overall enemy strategy, enemy intelligence, board size.

Well, these represent just a few of my ideas about how to improve SC+. Have I scared you away yet, John?