Command P

Voice Card  -  Volume 6  -  John Card Number 20  -  Tue, May 16, 1989 1:30 AM

Limited printing capability is now available from voice volumes and also from newly created voice cards in the transit stack! At present you can print only the text of the current card, and you can send it to a text file or directly to the printer.

In order to print, move to the desired voice card and type P. A dialog box will ask if you want the text sent to a file or directly to the printer. If you choose the printer, be sure the printer is online and ready to go. The text of the card (NOT an image of the screen) will be printed with all voice font characters in tact. The card's title and masthead will appear at the top of the page inside a festive border of bullhorns.

If you choose to send the card to a file you will then be asked to specify the name of the file (just hit return to use the card's title as a filename). During the transfer, all sticky punctuation characters are automatically converted to normal punctuation. The program will inform you when the transfer is complete (it's usually almost instantaneous). You can use any word processing program to print or modify the text file.

Eventually I hope to expand this feature by allowing you to print multiple cards: all cards belonging to one member, all cards of a volume, all cards of a conversation tree, or all cards of the current "branch". I also hope to provide a method of putting a set of cards into HyperEssay format automatically!

Give this thing a try and tell me if you run into any problems, or if you have any ideas for improvements. Unfortunately, the XCMD I am using to get around HyperCard's printing limitations is rather crude, so I can't make the output as fancy as I'd like. But it should be sufficient for getting the basic job done. Have at it!