Suggestion Box

Voice Card  -  Volume 8  -  John Card Number 1  -  Tue, Aug 1, 1989 5:29 PM

This is ONE OF 2 responses to Vol 7 John 1 ("Suggestion Box")...

Several minor but valuable modifications this time out. Thanks to all for your suggestions and comments.

  • As several of you pointed out there was a bug in the package unwrapping routine last time. I think I've got it licked; see Vol 8 John 10.
  • Larry has been asking for a button that jumps directly to the Pelago Notebook and I have found an ingenious solution. Try holding down the option key when the mouse is over the Archipelago button; see Vol 8 John 14 for more details.
  • Another minor bug fixed. If any of you tried pushing the Create Voice Card button in the Pelago Notebook last time, you may have noticed a small problem. The program is supposed to automatically let you crumple the page after it has been transformed into a voice card. Because of a modification to the voice stack, this feature misfired, returning to the voice index instead of the notebook where it was unable to find the crumple button. I have now made a further adjustment to the voice stack which should fix this harmless but annoying little bug. You should now be able to create voice cards from your notebooks without a hitch!
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