Voice Card  -  Volume 15  -  Drury Card Number 12  -  Mon, Jul 16, 1990 5:51 PM

This is a response to Vol 14 Larry 2 ("Let's see")...

Good choice! For your information: Most humane societies will not euthanize kitties that are reasonably healthy. They do try to place the animals in homes. Also in several cities, there are cat societies that will provide shelter for abadoned kitties. These societies will not euthanize any of their cats. Dogs, however, are not so lucky. There are no societies that will rescue dogs and provide a shelter for their life or until adopted. The Humane society euthanizes all dogs after a set waiting period of days.

Unfortunately some 20 MILLION pets in the United States are euthanized or die from exposure, starvation, or trauma EACH YEAR! This is a loss of life, the equivalent of Mexico City, every year. Every hour, on the average, more than 2,000 dogs and 3,500 cats are born. For comparison, there are only 415 human babies born in the same time frame.

I don't know about anyone else, but these numbers terrify me. How can we permit such a loss of life? And such a meaningless loss of life? These are domesticated PETS! Not wild animals or food animals!