And, Thank you

Voice Card  -  Volume 15  -  Drury Card Number 6  -  Sun, Jul 8, 1990 9:13 PM

This is a response to Vol 14 Paul 2 ("Bean Clarification")...

(Rats-This was suppose to be in response to Paul's card about the beans. How can I redo a card, after I hit the wrong button (Respond or New card)?)

[Editor's note: As you can see, I used my unfathomable powers to turn this troubled card into a proper response. If such a thing should happen again, just type "Throw this card away" then go back and try again. Thanks!]


Thank you for the compliment. It was given at just the right time. I have been so busy these last three months that I have not been to my health club (a first in about ten years).

I feel as though I could scare away a nearsighted derelict in a dark alley. It is amazing at how fast a body can lose "condition".

Dinner reminds me of some voice cards in the distant past that spoke of "dim sum". Did you write of this? If so, what is "dim sum"? I seem to recall it was written about with great reverence. Please don't give the usual reply, "it tastes just like chicken".

For example - the sheep brains I tried in Mexico had no taste. It was the mushy consistancy and the curd-like texture that set the stomach to great contractions. I don't recall actually swallowing any of the brains, but I do remember attempting to wipe the remains off my tongue when our host left the room. He was on his way to bring in another great delicacy - sheep hooves.

I look forward to a description of "dim sum".