The Bag Lady

Voice Card  -  Volume 22  -  Janine Card Number 7  -  Tue, Nov 19, 1991 9:45 PM

This is ONE OF 2 responses to VC 21 Yumi 11 ("Excess Baggage")...

I'm working on getting rid of my family baggage! I think there's a big difference between truly loving your family and the obligatory "love" that comes with dragging the baggage around.

(As an aside, my mom loaned us a great 2-video set called "Family Baggage" done by a couple who do some very insightful skits on the subject)

Most of my issues have been with my mom, who controlled me for the better part of my childhood (and STILL controlled me, even when she wasn't around!). We are finally to the point in our relationship where I can tell her exactly how I felt about her when I was younger. She in turn can tell me what her intention was, and she's even apologized for some of her actions!! If you knew my mom, you'd know what a miracle this is.

Fortunately, both of my parents are still alive and I can go through this process with them. It seems much harder for people with deceased parents - it's difficult to say something negative or have bad feelings about a parent who has passed away; most people feel guilty and the negative feelings or events get buried (or worse, the bad traits are unknowingly imitated and passed down to yet another generation - what an inheritance).