Meanwhile on a card far...

Voice Card  -  Volume 6  -  Holly Card Number 4  -  Fri, Apr 21, 1989 5:19 PM

This is a response to Vol 5 John 22 ("What a Horrible Dream!")...

Meanwhile on a voice card far, far away...

The spaceship was hurtling through space like a frisbee thrown by a shy girl at her first girl-boy picnic. Holly was frantically trying to figure out her new figure when something hit her legs... Well three of them anyway.

"Heddy! What on are YOU doing here?" she inquired while trying to avoid an asteroid.

"I had Zagnor beam me up, but I almost lost a few legs in transit since you are changing position so much." At this point Heddy recovered her balance and got a good look at Holly. "You sound like Holly but who are you?"

"Oh, Heddy, its me.... Hey, help me would you? I keep trying to steer with my front legs but my back legs get in the way!"

"In the name of the great Crabba give me the controls."

Holly awkwardkly moved away and Heddy took over. Soon the ship was stable and heading serenely into space. When all was settled Heddy flipped a green switch, a purple switch and a multi-colored one all at the same time which activated the autopi and coolly turned to Holly.

"How did you do that? I had no idea you could pilot a spaceship."

"Honey, that's because the only thing those chessmen in the bar care about are a crabette's looks and that's the only time we've met before. I am a pilot with the corps, I hang out in the bar for the hell of it.

So I need a favor. Can you do it?"


Heddy talked and Holly listened while trying various simple tasks with her new features. When Heddy was finished talking Holly said, "I guess I can, I may need your help with these appendages though. One question -- why?"

"Because I want a go at them myself and besides they're cute," Heddy answered, and Holly understood.

"OK, let's go for it!" Slowly, using her new claws Holly directed the ship to earth. Once there she hovered over the coordinates which were exactly between Canyon Creek and San Luis Obispo. Winking knowingly at Heddy she pressed the only chartreause button on the control panel. There standing before them were two earthlings. One held a box of Captain Crunch and the other was in his pajamas.

"Funny," Heddy thought, "I didn't know earthings could get bletch."